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Nuv Yug India Fest

Charlotte, NC
October 26

Sat. March 22
Jim Graham Bldg at State Fairgrounds, Raleigh NC

Vendor Guidelines

Early bird discount and deadline varies for different booths and may change at any time.
Please check your Vendor Dashboard for current details.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:You may pay via a check or Zelle. Your booth is not confirmed until we have received your payment.


The objective of vendor booths is to showcase various aspects of Indian culture such as traditional crafts, clothing, decoration articles, imitation and precious jewelry, ethnic audio/video products, cultural cuisine, etc. Items for sale at these booths should have their origin in the South Asian region.

We utilize an online vendor booth registration process. There are no paper forms to fill out or checks to be mailed (if you use Zelle to pay for your booth). Vendors are able to select and pay for their booth online. If no booths are open in the category of your interest, please contact us. Please login to the Vendor Dashboard to view booth layout and prices.

Booth Setup

  • Approved vendors are provided access to the venue on Friday by 6 PM. Please do not arrive before this time. Vendors may complete setup on Saturday morning. Access is provided by 6 AM on Saturday.
  • Vendors must use only the designated vendor access door to bring their vehicle inside. Your vehicle must leave the main floor by 9 AM on Saturday.
  • Vehicles higher than 10 feet are NOT permitted inside the building. Vendors with higher vehicles must keep their vehicles outside the building. We are unable to assist vendors to unload, load or move their items.
  • Your booth must be ready by 11:00 AM on the festival day.
  • Your booth should be staffed at all times during posted hours for the festival.

Booth Guidelines

  • A limited number of booths are available in each category and offered on a first come first served basis. Full online payment is required before your specific booth can be reserved.
  • Fee for all types of booths is fixed. To obtain the early bird discount, payment must be received before the early deadline. Our online system automatically adjusts prices as the deadline expires.
  • No additional fee/commission is taken from gross sales. All profits go to the individual vendor. Please note that all vendors are responsible for complying with state specific sales tax laws.
  • Please note that non-profit, sponsor, or business information booths are not permitted to sell any articles without prior written permission from Nuv Yug. Under no circumstances, Traditional Craft booths are permitted to use the booth for any purpose other than selling traditional crafts as described during booth registration. Absolutely no subletting or sharing of booths is permitted without written permission from Nuv Yug. Any booth sharing without advance written permission from Nuv Yug will be grounds for immediate dismissal with no refund.
  • Traditional crafts booth is available for crafts, clothing, imitation jewelry, and ethnic audio video products only. These products must have their origin in the South Asian region. Regular size booths are 11'x10'. Two 8' tables are provided for single booths. Double booths are 11'x20'. Five 8' tables are provided for large booths.
  • Business Advertising and Info Distribution booth is available for providing information about your business to attendees. These booths are not allowed to sell any items. These are great booths for advertising your business at Nuv Yug India Fest. Please note that these booths are only available to local small businesses. If you represent a business with annual sales of over $1,000,000 US Dollars, please explore our sponsorship options.
  • Non-profit information booths are available for tax-exempt non-profit organizations whose primary mission is to assist people in distress. Please note that usually religious mission will not qualify for this booth. Cultural organizations are invited to partner with us on a mutual interest basis. A copy of your IRS determination letter may be requested to be eligible to receive this rate. These booths are not permitted to sell any items or accept donation during the festival unless explicitly approved by Nuv Yug in writing in advance.
  • Cultural Cuisine vendors are required to pass food safety inspection as per local food safety Rules and Regulations. If a vendor fails to pass inspection, the vendor will not be permitted to sell any item and no refund will be given.
  • To ensure public safety with food served at Nuv Yug India Fest, we accept Cultural Cuisine booth applications from local restaurants only who have experience in complying with food safety requirements of local government.
  • Due to fixed space, no additional tables can be provided. You may bring your own table or stands as long as all items can be set up within your assigned booth space.
  • If your registration has been accepted, you will be notified via email. If you do not hear from us, please log in to check the status or contact us to obtain status of your registration. In case your registration is not approved, then the registration status will change to Not Approved. For registration not approved, payments are refunded.
  • After your payment has been approved, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason unless approved in writing by Nuv Yug in advance.
  • Nuv Yug reserves the right to refuse participation by anyone without specifying a reason.

What We Provide

  • All booths are designed to be corner booths! Each single booth has two open sides and has 11'x10' space. Each double booth has three open sides and has 11'x20' space.
  • One 15 AMP electrical circuit is available for each booth. This circuit is meant for a few lights only. If your booth has higher electrical connection requirement, please discuss it with us in advance. There may be additional charges for such connection.
  • Each single booth is provided two 8' long tables and each double booth is provided five 8' long tables. No table covers are provided. You may bring your own additional tables or set up items. However, all your items must fit within your booth space.

What We Don't Provide

  • No phone or internet connections are provided. Please arrange your own wireless internet or phone connections.
  • No table covers or decoration items for your booth.
  • We are unable to provide staff to unload or load your items or help setup or take down your booth.

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Non-Discrimination Policy
Nuv Yug does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, any disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in its programs or employment.

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